Since 2016, SUN Energy has been at the forefront of developing solar energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors in Indonesia, and has expanded its presence to three countries. The company offers a comprehensive green energy ecosystem, providing customized, integrated solar solutions to a diverse range of customers. SUN Energy is also actively involved in the development of Indonesia's solar industry.

SUN Energy continues to grow steadily with the support of its customers and partners. The company has been able to expand into new markets while continuing to provide reliable solar energy solutions for Indonesian industries.


SUN Energy envisions the promotion of self-sustainable, low-emission energy, and the transition towards renewable energy by implementing solar energy systems for the commercial and industrial sectors. By supporting the government's efforts to achieve a mixed national energy goal, we aim to contribute towards a greener future for all.



  • Actively creating revolutionary solutions that support a sustainable future for as many people as possible
  • Providing solutions by offering an environmentally sustainable lifestyle for all

Our Competitive Advantages

Innovative Financing

SUN Energy provides flexible financing schemes to meet the demands of customers, including a zero-investment scheme and attractive loan interest rates.


SUN Energy encourages customers to utilize renewable energy by providing a 25-year performance warranty.

Capable & Reliable

SUN Energy focuses to fulfill its clients' demands by providing high-quality technology as well as experienced and certified technical professionals who can enhance the productivity of solar energy systems at an affordable price.


SUN Energy ensures that all marketed products are manufactured in a sustainable manner in order to contribute to the environment.

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