Common Questions

Where does SUN Energy company come from?

SUN Energy is a solar panel developer company established in Indonesia. SUN Energy wants to realize 'A World Class Company' by providing renewable energy systems through the installation of best-in-class solar energy system. 

SUN Energy is part of SUN Group, a group of companies that develop solar panels for various sectors. SUN Group consists of SUN Energy (solar project developer for large-scale buildings in the industrial and commercial sectors), SUNterra (solar project developer for residential and small-scale buildings & 200 kilowatts), and SUN Mobility (electric vehicle charging station developer).

What are SUN Energy's services?

SUN Energy has integrated services that are tailored to the needs of each customer. Our services include solar energy system design, initial financing for the installation, permitting, providing solar energy system technology components, and periodic maintenance for the system.

Does SUN Energy manufacture solar panels?

SUN Energy is a solar project developer, not a solar panel manufacturer, so we do not produce our own solar panels.

What is a solar panel developer company?

A solar panel developer company is a party that builds solar energy system projects on a small or large scale.

How many projects has SUN Energy handled?

SUN Energy projects have a presence in 3 countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand and Australia with a capacity of more than 280 Megawatt Peak (MWp) that has been contracted and installed.

What are the certifications that SUN Energy has obtained?

SUN Energy always prioritizes service quality so that we have received ISO 14001 certification (international standard for environmental management), ISO 45001 (international standard for occupational health and safety management system), and ISO 9001 (international standard in the field of quality management system).

Does SUN Energy also accommodate the installation of solar panels on housing?

SUN Energy focuses on the installation of solar energy system on large-scale buildings with capacities above 200 kWp or around 200,000 watts. 

For installation of buildings with capacity below 200 kWp, such as homes and small offices, can be handled by a sister brand in our group of companies called SUNterra. You can visit www.sunterra.id to know more details about SUNterra.

Who are SUN Energy's customers/clients?

SUN Energy has worked with more than 60 Indonesian and multinational companies from various fields, such as manufacturing, property, commercial, education, financial institutions, and mining. 

A number of our clients are blue chip companies, namely Fonterra, Djarum, Sido Muncul, Unilever, Astra Honda Motor and Astra Daihatsu Motor.

What active role is SUN Energy taking to reduce the impact of climate change?

SUN Energy actively promotes the efforts to utilize renewable energy as one of the concrete steps to reduce the impact of climate change on every occasion. For instance, organizing offline and online events, socialization through content on websites and social media, as well as spreading literacy for students in the form of competitions as well as internship opportunities and real work lectures. 

In addition, SUN Energy is an active member of UN Global Impact, Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), and Indonesian Solar Energy Association (AESI).

Can I promote SUN Energy's services?

SUN Energy always opens opportunities for you to work together as a partner, which we call SUN Partner. By registering as a SUN Partner, you can register solar projects and receive commissions from the points collected. 

Visit www.sunenergy.id/sunpartner to register as a SUN Partner.

Where is SUN Energy's offices located?

SUN Energy has three offices in Indonesia, located in Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya. Beyond Indonesia, we also have offices in Singapore, Australia and Vietnam.

Where can I contact to discuss solar energy system installation?

You can contact SUN Energy via telephone number +6221-5064-5054 and WhatsApp at +62882-1277-9865.