Common Questions

How much does it cost to install solar panels from SUN Energy?

The cost of installing solar panels varies and can vary from company to company, depending on the capacity of the electricity generated and the area where the solar panels are installed. Our team is always ready to help your company to prepare the required cost calculation through a price quote proposal.

How can I pay for solar panel installation by SUN Energy?

There are 3 innovative financing schemes from SUN Energy that you can customize according to your needs: 

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b) SUN Rental A rental financing scheme based on the performance of solar panels, based on hourly calculations without down payment (DP) or upfront installation costs. You can make monthly payments for 15-25 years. As an illustration, the average time the sun shines optimally in Indonesia is 4 hours. From these hours of solar panels producing electricity, your company will pay SUN Energy on a monthly basis. You don't need to worry because SUN Energy's tariff will be 10-30% lower than the national grid's tariff. During this lease period, supervision and maintenance are the full responsibility of SUN Energy. After the lease period ends, your company can own the solar energy system components in full. 

c) SUN Leasing A financing scheme of monthly installments of the same value for 3-6 years, with a down payment (DP) or installation fee in advance. After the installment period is over, your company can own the solar energy system components in full.

How long will my ROI be by installing solar panels?

Return of Investment (ROI) on solar panel installation can vary for each company, considering that the capacity of electricity generated can vary. Our team is always ready to assist your company in calculating the ROI of solar panel installation through a bid proposal.

What is Performance Based Rental?

Performance Based Rental (PBR) is a rental model based on the amount of time used from the performance of the solar energy system every day. 

SUN Energy provides a system for solar energy system rental with PBR model through the SUN Rental scheme. In SUN Rental, customers can lease a solar energy system for 15-25 years with the initial investment and routine maintenance services fully covered by SUN Energy.

This scheme provides relief for customers in terms of financing investment in procurement and installation of solar energy system devices, because customers only pay according to the length of solar energy usage.

Does the SUN Rental scheme that does not require Down Payment (DP) also apply to solar energy system installations for small home & offices?

The SUN Rental scheme does not apply to SUNterra as it accommodates the installation of solar energy system for homes, small offices, and other small-scale buildings under 200 kWp, and has a different financing scheme from SUN Energy. 

You can see an overview of prices for each SUNterra service and product through Tokopedia and BliBli SUNterra.