SUN Energy is the leading solar project developer in Indonesia

Provides an affordable and environmentally friendly electricity solution with no upfront investment required, and instead, offers monthly rental payments.

Innovative Financing

SUN Energy provides flexible financing schemes to meet the demands of customers, including a zero-investment scheme and attractive loan interest rates


SUN Energy encourages customers to utilize renewable energy by providing a 25-year performance guarantee

Capable & Reliable

SUN Energy focuses to fulfill its clients' demands by providing high-quality goods as well as experienced and certified technical professionals who can enhance the productivity of solar energy systems at an affordable price


SUN Energy ensures that all marketed products are manufactured in a sustainable manner in order to contribute to the environment

What can solar energy provide for you?

Choose Your Plan

Ownership After
Lease Completion

Monthly Payment

Upfront Cost

Energy Monitoring App

Maintenance Option

Product Warranty**

Power Output Warranty**

Solar Leasing
3-6 Years

4 Years

2 Years

Most Popular
3-6 Years

2 Years

4 Years

Solar Purchase
3-6 Years

4 Years

1 Years

*Depends on client's electricity tariff **Specific terms and conditions apply
***Depends on PLN rate ****Specific terms and conditions applied


To obtain your solar energy system, only four steps are required

Estimate your solar energy needs

Answer the questions to find out how SUN Energy can help you

Fill out the digital survey

Our innovative digital surveys are simple and at no extra cost

Select your preferred payment methods

We offer several payment options – choose what's right for you

Install and start using your solar energy system

Then you can enjoy solar power from your solar panels

Calculate your solar energy needs with our solar calculator

By providing details about your electricity usage and bill, our solar calculator can estimate the amount of solar energy you can generate. The accuracy of the calculation depends on the accuracy of the information you provide.

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