Common Questions

What brands are used by SUN Energy in selecting solar energy system components?

SUN Energy has a series of the best brands for your company's solar energy system usage, which are categorized as top tier technology or Grade A.

Here are some of the brands we use in solar energy system components.

Solar Panel Modules (This is the best brand range according to BloombergNEF in 2021)
- Trina Solar
- JA Solar
- Canadian Solar
- Longi Solar

Inverters (Top two brands in the Global Market Share list by Wood Mackenzie in 2020)
- Huawei (commonly used for large capacity solar energy systems such as industrial and commercial)
- Sungrow (commonly used for small capacity solar energy systems such as residential)

- Leoni
- Supreme

- Solar Mounting Solutions
- Mibet Energy

Junction Box
- Hager

What is "top tier technology"?

Top tier technology means the best technology (Grade A) in the solar energy system industry.

Can I choose the brand of inverter and solar panel used?

Your company can decide which brand of solar panels and inverters to use.

How long can the components in a solar energy system last? Do solar panel components have an expiration date?

solar energy systems are designed to be long-lasting and high-performance, lasting up to three decades. The degradation of electricity production by solar panels is also very low, averaging 0.3-0.8% annually.

What is the size and weight of the solar panel module?

The solar panel modules used by SUN Energy have an average size of 2.4 x 1.2 meters with a weight of 25 kg per piece. For this reason, it is important for us to pay attention and consider the condition of the roof so that it can support the solar panel system placed on the roof of the building.